What are some successful content marketing ideas that could help my business?

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The most obvious of content marketing techniques include business blogging, ebooks, white papers, and email newsletters. But, that's not the full extent of content marketing. If you're able to get creative and to think outside the box, then you can come up with a lot of content marketing ideas that your competition would have wished they thought of! Here are five content marketing ideas that you probably never thought of, and that you can use right now:

Guest posting - A form of article marketing, guest posting is the opportunity to write an article or two for another's blog or online publication. It's a great way to build brand awareness while creating inbound links for your website. Plus, in a guest post, you could use your previous blog posts and other content marketing pieces as samples and resources to create a new article for your guest posting opportunity.

Lists - Simple lists, like an idea list or checklist, is an easy way to create something new for your content marketing efforts. For example, I have a checklist for creating blog article headlines, which outlines a step-by-step process to make sure you have a great blog article headline. Lists are easily digestible for readers while providing great information quickly and succinctly.

Pinterest - So, this one isn't really so much about creating your content, but what's now the third biggest social network is also a great way to showcase you and your brand's ideas, likes, products etc. in a very visual way. Pinterest is a great place to put up your pics as well as the pics of others. After all, photos are content too!

Slideshow Presentations - Presentations don't always have to be about sales numbers or the next big project, or even for the boss or an investor. Get creative with your slideshows by using them to create content that would be of value to your customers. I have a slideshow on my homepage to showcase different offers. I also have one about how writing's tough. Instead of filling it with charts and bullet points, make it eye-popping and engaging, something that most presentations aren't.

Buying Guides - The point of content marketing is to move people through the buying process, providing the information they are looking for when researching your product or service. Make it easier on them by offering buying guides, answering all the questions from the criteria to look for, the questions to ask vendors, and the prices to expect. Usually, people will have to visit several different sites to get that information, so build trust with these potential customers by giving it all in one swoop. At the end of it, you could showcase your product, giving potential customers a chance to put the information to use on the very things you offer.

Content marketing is extensive, and the number of content marketing ideas out there are endless! Business blogging or newsletters aren't the only ways to be a thought leader in your industry or to deliver information. Getting creative may be the key to standing out and doing something cool.

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