What are the common blogging mistakes to avoid?

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Every blogger would want their blog to be popular and/or make money for them. The following are some of the common blogging mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1: Not updating

Somebody puts up a blog and is very excited about it. For the first few days or weeks, there is a flurry of posts published. Afterwards, the number of posts begins going down till the blog is hardly ever updated. If you are going to start a blog, determine a posting frequency and commit yourself to it. Whether it is two posts per week or five posts per day, stick to it. A blog which is not updated is a dead blog.

Mistake #2: Blogging for money only

If you are only blogging for money, then you are in for a rude shock. It is true that you can make a lot of money from blogging, but that should not be your sole objective. Most blogs on the web don’t make more than $100 per month. If the only reason you are blogging is to make money, you will not succeed.

Mistake #3: Rushing a post

A hot topic emerges and you want to have it out ASAP. However, in the rush to have the post published, you fail to proofread and just click the ‘publish’ button. When you do that, it is likely that there will be mistakes in your post. Before hitting ‘publish’, take time to double-check the post to ensure that it is error-free. If you see an error after posting, correct it immediately.

Mistake #4: Being a Copycat

What makes your blog unique among the millions in the web? Does your blog stand out or is it just an imitation of others? You can have content on the same subject as another blog, but you should add your own opinions to make it stand out. Don’t just duplicate what has been posted on another blog. Offer your opinion since that is what blogging is about. It is you that makes your blog unique.

Mistake #5: Not replying to comments

A blog involves two-way communication, but most bloggers don’t remember that. When your readers post comments, you need to answer them. This will encourage them to continue visiting your blog and commenting on future posts.

Mistake #6: Not interacting with other bloggers

One of the best ways of getting your blog noticed is by interacting with other blogs in your field. The easiest way of doing this is commenting on their blogs. Check the comment section of your blog frequently and you will discover many great blogs. You can also reach out to other bloggers by linking to them and sending trackbacks.

Mistake #7: Writing for search engines instead of people

You could have a page that is very optimized for search engines and still fail to rank high since search engines follow people. Usually, people will not read pages written for search engines because they don’t make sense. While keeping an eye on your keywords and key phrases, make sure your readers come first, search engines second.

If you can avoid these common blogging mistakes, you are on the way to having a successful and profitable blog.

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