Young people out of work. Why is it that there is a job hunting catastrophe looming over us?

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Chris, a 26 year old from Washington, has been trying to find work ever since he entered High School as a Junior. One might say, "Hey, you're not quite old enough to work in most places!" But you know, just about everywhere would hire a seventeen year old with the exception of handling drugs and alcohol. It is now half way through the school year and Chris still hasn't found a job! He reportedly admitted filling out over thirty to forty applications, in person and online! Whoa! This is a job hunting catastrophe!

It was only sixty years ago that finding a job wasn't that tough to do. Tons of warehouses needed people, of all ages, to work in hazardous conditions to meet the needs of the business. But now, with the whole recession looming over our heads, finding work isn't exactly easy anymore. The employment rate average in the US is just below 9 percent. However, 9 percent of the total working force is a huge number! Hypothetically, if the total working force in the US was 50 million, 4.5 million people are unemployed! With that number unraveled, isn't it quite amazing how awfully bad the state of our economy is? Well, apparently things are looking up. However, even though there are jobs being created every month, which is beating out the number of those losing their jobs, it doesn't mean people like Chris will have an easier time finding one.

In fact, Chris wouldn't stand a chance! If 200,000 jobs were to be created in the private sector, probably 90 percent of them would require higher education. In other words, most of the jobs would need people with specialized qualifications. The last 10 percent of jobs created could hypothetically be entirely based in retail. Sounds like good news for someone like Chris who is just starting out, right? Wrong! Now more than ever, companies are fighting vigorously for only the best candidates to fill their open positions. All of this is of course under assumption or speculation, however, if a position like Loss Prevention were to open up for said company and in the application process it explains that it is entry level, said company is lying to your face. Instead of hiring someone like Chris, the said company would actually hire someone with experience, or someone older who is more reliable. Sickening isn't it?

Gone are the days where people could depend on companies delivering them on the written word. It is truly a dog eat dog world we are living in. Finding a job now, even in retail, is fishing in an empty sea full of doubt and misery. There isn't any good retirement anymore. There aren't many good paying jobs anymore. But even when this darkness is showering down upon us, there is still a glimmer of hope for people like you or me who are unemployed. Continue your education. Get your degrees and work hard. Somewhere down the road the path will open up and allow you to crush this job hunting catastrophe for good..

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