How do I learn how to blog for business?

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If you run a business, chances are that at some point someone has mentioned your business should have a blog. Business blogs are a proven way to increase awareness about your business, its services and its products. A whopping 79% of companies that had a blog in 2013 reported positive ROI, according to Hubspot. And, just consider that those statistics are now two years old! Some business owners say they cannot afford the time to tend to a blog for their business. But, the reality is, they really cannot afford not to have one. Launching a blog for your business is a way to increase sales that, when done correctly, you can execute with minimal effort.

Now, the question remains, how do you blog for business? The first step is to determine your audience. To whom is your blog addressing? Are you trying to solve a problem for your readers? Once you have determined the audience, you can begin planning out content. A general good practice is to "seed" your new blog with at least ten or fifteen posts before you go live. That way, if you get a reader who is really interested in what your blog has to say, you give them more than just one post to consume. It also prevents the embarrassing situation of only having a post that says "welcome to our awesome new blog" for months on end.

Coming up with content can seem like a daunting task at first. But, there are some easy tricks to employ to get your content bucket full in no time. If you have a customer service department for your business, start by asking them what questions they get asked the most. From there, you can plan posts that answer each of those questions. Additionally, there are hundreds of resources on the web that include topic ideas for any range of different types of blogs.

You may have heard the term "keywords" thrown around. These are the words or phrases internet users type into a search engine to find the content they are looking for. These keywords are another crucial way for your to plan content for your blog. Since the most appropriate audience for this post are people who are interested in starting a blog for their business, this post uses the keyword phrase "blog for business." If you own a cafe that features high-quality specialty coffee, you might write blog content that uses the phrase "specialty coffee in Pleasantville." In that last example, notice we narrowed by geography to match customers in the area where the cafe is located.

Still feel like you don't have the time to tend to a blog or don't fancy yourself much of a writer? Consider using a writers marketplace like Zerys. For a very reasonable fee, you can have professional writers draft content that matches your exact needs. The bottom line is, if you don't have a blog for your business you are missing out on crucial way to drive traffic and sales. There are so many resources available to help you make your business blog a success. Start researching them today!

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