What Are Some Stellar Ways To Get New Blog Ideas?

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I work alone.  There’s my social media circle and a very active three year old to keep me company, but most of my ideas for my blog and creativity comes right from me.  So you can imagine how often I have to find new ways to get myself out of any ruts or receptive story telling ideas. 

Here’s a list of things that we all can do to think differently when we need that extra push.  Heck.  A lot of these are just fun to do when you have some downtime and want to do something different.  (Spoiler alert: doing something different is definitely the key to getting your creative groove back.)

These aren't new blog ideas, but they are meant to give you different ways to see your world and eventually make something magical happen when you are writing.

Here they are: 10 crazy ways to get your creative groove back (and grow your blog).

1. Find a new channel on the dial.  This could be the YouTube dial, the cable box dial, or even the radio dial.  Not only will you see new shows with new perspectives, new stars to check out, and new story lines (hopefully), but different commercials can also give you that extra boost.

2.  Visit a different place of worship.   Now this might be just be a different denomination or faith, but guess what?  If we want to really practice tolerance and spread the word of our faith, what better way to really understand our brethren for those evangelistic moments?  Besides, you may also find that you appreciate your own services more afterwards, too.

3.  Have a costume party.  Yes, Halloween is coming up, but trust me.  Throwing a costume party just for the heck of it throughout the year really piques the creativity of you and your guests.

4.  Do an art project.  You follow how many do-it-yourself Pinterest boards and what?  Nothing to show for it?  Well, building things with your hands gives you time to think about all the other things that are clouding your mind.  Free mind, free flowing ideas.  Make sure the project isn’t going to be thrown in the closet, too.  You’ll want to be able to see this masterpiece so you’ll remember how good you felt when you got your vision to fruition.

5.  Use your left hand.  Ever tried it?  I’ve taught myself how.  It makes me move slower and really think about what I’m doing/writing.  It’s also a crazy funny party trick.  Using the other side of your brain can’t hurt to get the flood gates open. (If you are a lefty please reverse these directions.)

6.  Change your drink order.  If you are ordering the same food and drink when you go out (or even going to the same restaurant), you may want to think about making a change.  Always get soda?  Try sparkling water with fruit.  If you always get steak, try the fish or grilled veggie platter.  It’s one meal, and trust me, these kinds of “adventures” really do put you in a different frame of mind. 

7.  Attend a sporting event.  Don’t like sports?  Go!  Love basketball, but would rather not watch soccer?  Head to a soccer match.  The fans, traditions, and rules vary in each arena (see what I did there?).  You may not leave a fan, but at least you’ll have an experience to recall the next time you end up in a bar during the World Cup, Superbowl, etc.

8.  Take a tour of your city.  I’m sure someone famous came from your town.  Find out who they are and search out their home and any other touristy locations.  Have kids? Go on a park or museum tour.   

9.  Don’t forget your local artists.  Maybe there’s a show or two going on near you.  Are you an artist?  Find out when there’s an open mic or a showing for beginners.  Throw your own local artist event.  (See #3 and make it a costume party.)  Not an artist?  Learn calligraphy, mosaics, or even how to edit videos.

10.  Listen to classical music.  No, really.  Music sets the mood for all kinds of things. It doesn’t have to be classical, just try something other than the usual genre and see how your thoughts change.  (Can’t sleep?  Try putting on some slower music.)

Just the act of doing something, anything different will help you get your creative groove back and expand your blog ideas.  Happy, creative writers grow blogs. It is that simple.

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