How do you bring more traffic to your blog?

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Strategies That Will Bring More Traffic To Your Blog

Do you own a blog? Perhaps you have just begun setting up your blog or perhaps you have been blogging for years. Your blog is basically the first impression your visitors are going to get about who you are and what you do. So assuming you have spent the time writing posts that deliver excellent content that is helpful and entertaining to your readers, now is the time to start bringing in more visitors. If you are reading this article, then you obviously need some advice on blog marketing.

Your blog needs to represent what it is you do. It needs to provide information about your product and most of all be directed at helping the reader and giving out good advice. This in itself will ensure that your visitors will come back. If you have helpful information to share about your products or services, and you update your blog at least three times per week. Then most of your visitors will return to see what is new.

Be careful about talking about yourself too much and direct your posts to your readers. They need to feel as though they are important to you and no one likes a person who talks too much about what he or she thinks or feels. This is just not entertaining or informative to your readers. Focus on helping people.

Below are some ideas that you can think about trying to market your blog and bring visitors to your blog. So try these strategies and be patient. Bringing more traffic to your blog will not happen over night.

Do you have favorite bloggers whom you admire, visit their blog often and share your opinion on some of their posts. Most blogs have the option where you can add your website to your comments. And some have back tracks that will show the last post on your blog for the information of all the readers who read the comments. This will bring visitors especially if your comments are interesting and helpful.

Write short posts that get straight to the point. A person’s attention span is short and you literally have three seconds to grab their attention.

Keep your blog updated as often as you can. People won’t stick around if your blog is not up to date. They will assume you got bored and gave up.

Social networks are a gold mine for blog marketing. Ensure you are following the right people. This means people who are passionate about your products or services. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any others you feel will suit you niche.

Tag others on Twitter and Facebook when you comment on their blog post. Mentioning someone’s site on social networks will get you targeted followers and they will visit your blog out of curiosity.

Try to inject humor or controversy into your posts. They are far more likely to be read if they are entertaining or thought provoking. A funny or controversial blog may bring more visitors, simply find out what the fuss is about.

Ask popular bloggers in your niche to exchange links with you. Or better still; offer to guest post on their blog or ask them to guest post for you.

Always make your post titles and subtitles engaging, so web users will want to click to read more.

Spend time on Twitter or Facebook engaging with others in your niche, be sure to mention them. And if you enjoy another user’s Tweets, be sure to retweet often. Most bloggers will return the favor. This will bring more traffic to your blog. Twitter is an amazing tool that can be used in many ways to gain more visitors and hopefully followers of your blog.

The above advice is just the tip of the iceberg on how to get more traffic to your blog, there are many other ways of doing this. The ideas above however, are some of the most effective ways that popular bloggers have managed to get thousands of visitors per month.

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