How to start blog marketing for business?

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In order to start blog marketing for your business, you must first start with the end in mind. By this I mean what goal are you trying to achieve for your business by starting a blog? It is very important as a business that you don't fall into the trap of blogging just because everyone is doing it there must be an overall goal which will dictate the entire set up of your blogging site. By goals for your business I mean, for example, to generate traffic for a product or service, adding value to the lives of your customers or prospects or even to establish your business as the go-to place for everything related to your specific business niche.

Speaking of niche, the best blogs are those focused on a specific niche. If you never heard this word before a niche is basically a category. A good example of a niche is the DIY niche. As you can imagine the DIY niche is very broad as it encompasses everything from building your own home from scratch to specialist areas like plumbing, tiling and electrical. When you decide on a niche the best way to approach a blog is to set it up in such a way that each main topic can be broken down into subcategories. In the example of DIY, you may want to only focus on farmhouses for example. This gives you the advantage of attracting a very targeted community who wants to renovate farmhouses, buy antique or retro items for those farmhouses and even learn about the best places to buy items to replace old things in their farmhouse.

Another key consideration in blog marketing for business is what platform you will use to publish your blog. One such popular platform is which gives you the ability to host your own blog using a web hosting company along with your own domain name and branding. If you need full control of your platform then is a good place to start. Of course, there are many options available but it all depends on the resources that you have available or if you plan to hire someone to manage this for you or outsource it all together. It is important to be mindful that a blog is not something you start running for a few weeks, months or years but it is something that would last your business for a long time.

Keyword research is another important factor when you are thinking of blog marketing for business. There are many tools available for doing your keyword research but using a free tool in the first instance. Google offers a free tool called the Google Keyword Planner and it is great because it not only gives you keyword suggestions but it tells you how many times those keywords are searched every month based on country and region. The planner brings back between 500-800 keyword suggestions and their related searches giving you so many topics to focus on for years to come.

When starting your blog focus on the long tail keywords first as these are low hanging fruit and easier to rank for compared to the short tail keywords. After all, you want to get some results in the near term which will spur you on to keep going and building your blog out for months and years with a view to building your following in your vertical.

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