What Killer Blog Marketing Strategies Can Bring You Traffic Reliably?

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They say content is king when it comes to success with a blog. But having a lot of high-quality content is just one side of the coin.

The other part, which is equally important, involves knowing killer blog marketing strategies that will get your posts to potential readers, who might be interested in your product or service.

There are four main techniques a blog owner can use to attract attention to their site. These are:

Search Engine Optimization, Social media, interaction with other blogs in a similar field, and social bookmarking sites. A successful blogger should be conversant with all these blog selling techniques.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation starts before the blog actually comes to life. It is a factor in the very selection of what your blog will be all about. This involves researching what keywords people are searching for, then making them the theme for your blog. All images should be named with the selected keyword, or with their synonyms. Most importantly, all titles must reflect what most people looking for your product type in search engines.

Social Media

Social media has become a major part of our lives in this age. The wise blogger will see to it that they milk it for everything it's worth. one of the killer blog marketing methods around, when it comes to social media, involves starting a Facebook page that talks about things most people will love. For example, if your blog is about telescopes, you might want to start a Facebook page about celebrity news which will attract thousands of followers. Now whenever you post a celebrity pic, add a little obscure link leading to your blog. This gives you more exposure to thousands of people so long you don't appear spammy.

Interaction With Other Bloggers

It is important to build a network of like-themed bloggers. This should be a network based on authentic relationships and not for mere traffic. The most effective blog marketing system using this method is guest blogging on blogs with the same topic as you. This exposes your blog to all the traffic on the host blog.

The most common mistake blogger make when trying to get traffic from other sites is leaving a link. This makes them less credible and more spammy. The best way to go about this is to just comment using your blog profile. If your comments are thoughtful enough, people will be compelled to click on your profile which leads them to your blog.

Social Bookmarking Sites

There are lots of social bookmarking sites online. The problem is that most bloggers don't know the first thing about how to use these blog selling tools and just dump links and run. It doesn't work that way. You should hang around, comment on several people's posts, then leave your post with links. That is how your posts get a better chance to be listed on the front page of social bookmarking sites.

Pinterest is a great for traffic acquisition if your posts have high-quality interesting photos. Once again, users need to interact with other members to get followers, pins and re-pins.

One important thing every blogger should note is that these blog marketing strategies are not a one-time act.

They should be done from time to time to ensure constant traffic.

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