How do I start blogging as a beginner?

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So you’ve decided you want to give blogging a try? That’s great!

Creating a blog is easy and getting setup takes very little time at all. Starting off in the right direction can be challenging for beginning bloggers and learning the ropes ahead of time will save you trouble down the line.

The first and most important step is finding your niche. Chances are if you’re interested in blogging you already have some topics you want to write about. Do some research in your chosen topic and see what other popular blogs are writing about.

Don’t just copy and paste their style and topics into your own blog. That can get you into some serious trouble legally, and gain you a bad reputation.

So you’ve looked around, read some blogs and you have a good idea of what’s available. Now what?

Ask yourself one simple question:

What can I provide that is not already covered heavily by other blogs?

Find topics in your field of interest that are not overly saturated and start exploring those topics. I call these sub-niches ‘niches of the niche.’

Herein lays your success as a when blogging as a beginner.

Let’s say your blog is about pet health. Is there information about alternative medicines for pets? What about low cost pet care? What about exotic animal vets? These are the ‘niches in the niche’ that will give your content that special edge.

When starting as a beginner it’s important find your own style and develop it naturally. Everyone has a natural style that they use in casual writing. Let this evolve over time by engaging with your readers in comments and asking for feedback. Feedback can develop into something larger over time.

Practice finding your own style and voice. People enjoy reading engaging posts filled with personal insight and knowledge. Expand on your ideas and use your blog the way an artist uses a canvas.

This is your place to shine!

So what’s next?

The way you engage your audience is just as important as the topic you’re writing about. Imagine for a moment that your readers listening to your words right now. They are active participants in this very room. What would you tell them? How would you engage them? These are the key concepts that will keep your writing both engaging and informational.

Encourage your readers to follow up with comments, suggestions and questions. People like to feel at home, they like to be included and feel a sense of contribution. This will not only keep them coming back to read future posts, but also develop into a community of regular visitors and new readers alike. Beginning bloggers help often focus too much on content and not as much on engaging their audience.

One fast and hard rule is too produce easy to read, error-free writing. You don’t have to be a grammar nut, but you should possess a moderate understanding. There are plenty of free classes that teach basic grammar and writing skills on the internet.

In conclusion, blogging as a beginner can should fun and exciting. If you’re not having a good time you’re noting doing it right!

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