What do I need to include in a basic blog post?

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Do you wish to be a successful blogger? Many people think that all a blog needs to succeed is quality content. However, there are essential elements of a site which will draw the interest of the crowd beyond just having great content. Every basic blog post needs to have the following elements:

1. Headline

Composing a headline that is magnetic is an essential ability, as the whole site post's success is dependent upon the headline. Individuals determine whether to open the post or not, by reading the post title. Thus, the headline should draw the interest of the reader instantly. It's believed that on average, 8 out of 10 people will read the headline, but just 2 out of 10 will read the remainder of your post if your headline doesn't captivate your audience. A good free tool is CoSchedule's headline analyzer: https://coschedule.com/headline-analyzer

2. Picture

Practically every article online has at least one picture these days. Using images in site posts catches people's focus The truth is, readers are 94% more engaged with your content if it includes a suitable image. This is a strong reason for why you need to contain pictures. Make sure you have permissions to share an image on your blog. A good resource is Flickr's Creative Commons images: https://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/

3. Site Opening

A captivating headline combined with a feeble opening is a huge blunder. A great opening will catch the reader's imagination and pull them into the content. Asking a question is an excellent method to open a blog post. Additionally, you can compose a fascinating statement or a robust fact. The point is, you want your audience to keep reading.

4. Links

Links are a powerful instrument for Search Engine Optimization - SEO. The more links you've got on your website, the more significant your site will appear to Google. This includes links to authoritative content that is relevant to your post as well as links to other related posts on your blog.

5. A Call To Action

You always want to have a call to action, preferably at the end of your post. The call to action is a prompt trying to get the reader to do something, whether it's to start a conversation in your comments, sign up for your newsletter, buy your product, etc. Asking your audience to do something is a smart way to keep them engaged.

6. Opinions Section

You should always enable the comments section for your blog posts.

Your site's comments section is an excellent spot to support a powerful relationship with your readers. You can continue on discussing your post and offer advice and connect with your readers.

7. Social Networking Buttons

Here comes the reader's chance to share the post on his social networking platforms. This function is achieved by the social media buttons. If enough people share your posts, this will bring in more people to your blog. It may even go viral!

Including these elements in every one of your basic blog posts will increase your readership while at the same time make you look like an authority on writing good blog content.

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