Are blog niche topics important for success?

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When I began my journey into the blogging world, way back in 2001, writing as an expert on any random subject was a rarity. In fact, many did not refer to the practice of telling stories of their lives as "blogging." I considered my small space on the Internet as a journal, that I happened to share with millions of people. As blogging as a social platform for information grew, so did the need for blog niche topics. Bloggers seized the opportunity to share knowledge on subjects readers seemed to want. Thus, the days of strictly personal online journals ended and a new era of social knowledge-based blogs were born.

Me? I continued writing. At the time, I did not want to stop a rapidly growing personal blog, for the sake of saying I could choose blog niche topics and monetize, (earning money from sponsors or advertisers). I did the next best thing: I made my life, my niche. That's right. This Southern girl, with a sarcastic beat and a keen sense in writing about true stories from her life, carved a niche, small, but a niche nonetheless, in the huge world of blogging. At one time, my now long-neglected blog, Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind, was in the top 10,000 blogs in the world. Within a year, the blogosphere was saturated with bloggers trying to make money and writing on one, or two related topics, the competition for readership became more of a struggle than writing for fun and connecting with others.

So, you still want to start a blog? You can, with a little trial, error and research. I will state, I do not believe the world of blogging is lacking in topics. It's how you, as the writer, choose familiar blog niche topics and more importantly, stand out from the crowd. The uniqueness of your writing, not just the knowledge on a particular subject, will set you a part from other bloggers. Choose your blogging topic. As I've said, the life you live can be blog niche topics. The words on the screen will test those who may become potential return readers.

The best method for a trial run is to begin a blog on a free service. Make a list of possible blog niche topics you are knowledgeable in, or use your own life experiences. Write several posts and save as drafts, reread and decide which subject(s) flow. Have friends or family read. Then, as a last step, introduce your blog to the world through Social Media/Networking such as Twitter and Facebook. I won't lie- the process could take several months, but do not give up. Continue writing. Interact with your readers by replying to comments and visiting their blogs.

When other bloggers begin linking to your blog, and commenting on a daily basis, you know you're on your way to blogging success. And, does this mean you will eventually have to purchase a domain name? Not necessarily. Some of the most popular blogs started and are still maintained on free blogging platforms.

Never become frustrated if you do not make a living as a full-time blogger. Only a small, and I do mean a very small percentage are this lucky. Blog for the joy of carving out your own little niche. This alone is success.

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