How Can I Start an Artist Blog to Get the Public Interested in My Work?

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Many young artists are very familiar with technology and social media, but do not know how to start an artist blog of their own to be able to compete on the online creative market. It is certainly important to be able to present one's own artistic work in concert or at a gallery, but artists have to face the fact that the mechanisms behind social interaction are changing entirely.

People now connect and find what they need not by asking people in person, but mainly through search engines and websites. This is precisely why it is important for you as an artist to build your own online profile and start an artist blog of your own: it is easy enough to you, your work will reach a wider audience, and if you do it right, you will gain a new group of followers that you may not have gained otherwise.

Starting a blog for your art should be easy - you can use any of the blog-hosting websites such as Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogspot and accomplish a great deal with them. You can first purchase your own domain name - try purchasing "" or "" - for usually under $15 a year, you can have your own hub on the web that will look clean and professional on your business card. Then, using the directions provided by the domain name registration service, just link your blog to the domain name. Within 24 hours, your blog should be ready for the world to see.

On your blog, if you choose, you can create a post that explains who you are and what your work is about - you might use a professionally-written bio, or perhaps something more informal, depending on the image you want to present to the public. Share your blog address widely, and link with other artists who have met so that you can drive traffic to each other's blogs. Write at least twice a week - keeping your content current is the perfect way to keep your audience engaged, no matter how close in proximity to you they actually are. Share the work you've done, and ask your followers questions: this will encourage comments and will get the public thinking about your work.

Should artists worry about plagiarism and the fact that others might copy their work? Absolutely - as they would offline as well. The trick is to make sure all of the media you share is your own, and that you mark it that way. For example, make sure that your images are "stamped" with your signature in the corner (could be your name and website, written over your picture with typed text) and that your sound files are truncated so that they aren't stolen by other artists to pass as their own. Share your best work, but not in the best digital quality. For instance: don't offer a perfect, high resolution of your latest photographs directly on your blog - someone could copy it, print it, or modify it as their own work. Instead, give a lower-quality one, and offer a link to purchase a full size, high quality print.

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