How to create your own free blog?

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Have you ever written in a diary or a journal? Do you keep a pad or book around to write ideas in and revisit often wondering how to put them in motion? A blog is simply a web based log, or journal, of your own thoughts and ideas about something in general or specific.

Many sites about starting a blog emphasize the importance of knowing what you want to blog or write about before you can start your own blog. This simply is not true. That's the purpose of a blog, to write about anything at anytime. Now, if you want to monetize and make money, then you need to attract an "audience" in whatever you are writing about, or discussing, or explaining. You may want to share information or an experience, or maybe you just want to journal daily random ideas or thoughts and experiences.

There are several sites that will assist you to set up a blog for free so that you can create your own free blog that is quite simple and easy. Don't make it complicated or confusing, just set up a blog and start writing. You will eventually find your niche, what you like to blog about, what you are good at blogging about and from there you can develop your content and template. Most "how to" sites give you overwhelming information of what you should and should not do, but again this is a blog, a daily journal, that you can turn into an endeavor once you have gained an audience, if that's what you want to do.

Not all people who start their own blogs want attention, but just an avenue to vent or practice writing ideas. Give yourself some time, become acquainted with writing on the net, then if you feel comfortable you can learn more about advertising or gaining direct compensation from readers who value the information you provide. Find your niche, what interests you. You will be surprised of who has the same interests, from all over the world. You might think that your ideas or what you like to write about would not appeal to anyone or may be silly or uninteresting.

I thought so myself when I started a blog because I wasn't sure what I was going to focus on, or what my main intent was except that I wanted practice writing for an audience and to eventually learn what I wrote about best. I was amazed to learn that within a couple of weeks of starting my own blog, that my daily posts were being viewed, if not read, by users in Europe, India and Russia. Once you put it out there, it evolves, and the energy begins to gain momentum. This will help you in building confidence and in turn developing it into an endeavor for monetary gain.

I believe that every person has something of value to share with others, and that person is you. Now is the time to take the first step and create your own free blog.

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